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LOS ANGELES (Date) – Amateur photographer Lisa Nowinski of Germany was presented with the 11th Annual Black and White Spider Awards Honorable Mention in the category of „Children of the World“ at a prestigious Nomination & Winners PhotoShow webcast Saturday, November 5, 2016.

The live online gala was attended by over 10,500 photography fans around the globe who logged on to watch the climax of the industry’s most important event for black and white photography.

11th Annual Jury members included captains of the industry from National Geographic, Washington DC; The Armory Show, New York; TBWA, Paris; Victoria Film Festival, Canada; Aeroplastics Contemporary, Brussels; Studio Hansa, London; Fratelli Alinari, Florence; Australian Centre for Photography; Young & Rubicam, Lima; and Anthem Worldwide/Marque Branding, Sydney who honored Spider Fellows with 627 coveted title awards in 31 categories.

„It is an incredible achievement to be selected among the best from the 7,556 entries we received this year,“ said Basil O’Brien, the awards Creative Director. „Lisa Nowinski’s „Abused Material,“ an exceptional image entered in the Children of the world category, represents black and white photography at its finest, and we’re pleased to present her with the title of Honorable mention.“ Jury member Paola Anselmi, interdisciplinary curator and arts writer in Australia added, „As always it was a real treat to be part of the program. Congratulations to all involved and to all the remarkable photographers who gift us new insights into the world and ourselves.“ „A truly amazing set of entries, so many deserving winners,“ added Marcel Wijnen, Creative Director at Anthem Worldwide.

BLACK AND WHITE SPIDER AWARDS is the leading international award honoring excellence in black and white photography. This celebrated event shines a spotlight on the best professional and amateur photographers worldwide and honors the finest images with the highest achievements in black and white photography.


London, UK (30 January 2016) – Photographer Lisa Nowinski of Germany was Awarded Honorable Mention in Fine Art for the winning entry The hawkess at prestigious Monochrome Awards honouring Black & White Photography

The 2015 Monochrome Awards received 7212 submissions from 79 countries around the world.

Winning images were selected by panel of international judges, including: Allison Barnes, Katarina Balgavy, Claire A. Warden, Anna Filipova, Rebecca Cairns, Ted Preuss, David Fokos, Roman Loranc, David Johndrow, Stefano Brunesci, Tomasz Lazar, Dominique Bollinger, Andre Brito, Giacomo Brunelli and Martin Stavars.

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